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Ronnie Bateh, M.D.

Dr. Ronnie Bateh

It’s increasingly rare that doctors return to practice in the community where they were raised, but fortunately for his patients, that is the case with Dr. Ronald Bateh. A proud native son of Jacksonville, Dr. Bateh even attended college at JU before enrolling at the University of California, San Francisco, where he attended their College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Bateh completed his residency at St. Vincent's Medical Center.

When he joined NEFEDA, Dr. Bateh made history as the first podiatrist in the nation to be incorporated into an endocrinology group. The pioneering move proved to be an overwhelming success. NEFEDA can now literally say they offer care from head to toe! The fact that this medical first happened right here in Jacksonville has made it all the more special for Dr. Bateh.

When not helping patients, Dr. Bateh enjoys spending time with his wife and enjoying the many outdoor activities available on the First Coast. He loves heading out to the beach.

While Dr. Bateh is certainly an integral part of the NEFEDA family, you might be surprised to learn about his actual family here in Jacksonville. He has over 350 cousins living here locally! That’s over 700 feet, if you’re counting at home.