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Akshaya Kambhatla, MD

Dr. Akshaya Kambhatla

As a new addition to the NEFEDA practice, Akshaya Kambhatla, MD., is excited to begin working with patients located in the Jacksonville area that are suffering from a variety of endocrinological disorders. Dr. Kambhatla is a board-certified endocrinologist joining NEFEDA from Mobile, Alabama.

Dr. Kambhatla is recognized in her practice for being compassionate and patient centered. Her goal with patients is to improve their quality of life. While she treats a wide variety of endocrine disorders, Dr. Kambhatla takes special interest in the treatment of diabetes, thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism, adrenal disorders, and calcium disorders.

New patient appointments with Dr. Kambhatla are available at both the downtown (Lavilla) and University Boulevard South locations. She will begin seeing patients with NEFEDA in July 2024.