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Our size makes us America’s largest endocrinology practice.
Our reputation makes us among America’s best.

At Northeast Florida Endocrine & Diabetes Associates, our size makes us America’s largest private endocrinology practice. At our practice you will find the most comprehensive care possible and a staff carefully selected to provide patients with expert care and compassion. We offer an unparalleled patient education program and continually bring in the most advanced technology. We do all this to ensure our patients have every resource available to help them achieve the happy healthy life they desire.


Our experience in clinical trials includes work in diabetes, cardiology, osteoporosis, rheumatology, urology, ophthalmology, and more.

To learn more about NEFEDA’s Diabetes Research Center and current clinical trials click here.


"Make Wellness Your Way Of Life!"


Our practice features an incredibly diverse array of services. We believe that what’s best for the patient is what’s best for us. Learn more.

Diabetes Type 1
Diabetes Type 2



Al Emerick is a busy man best known as a radio voice-over talent, who has been featured in thousands of advertisements, and as a TV spokesman for a prominent local car dealership. And those auto commercials are just his hobby! However if you talk to Al off camera, the biggest endorsement he’s going to give is for Northeast Florida Endocrine and Diabetes Associates (NEFEDA).
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